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Collected via Facebook, Google, etc.

"Pastor Jim, Thank you for the encouraging message. We so enjoyed it. we have been through a difficult season in our lives due to health issues and miss being at church. But we could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the message. May the Lord continue to bless you and we are looking forward to worshipping with all of you again in the near future. We love you."

"Today was phenomenal at church.  No fear Satan is a liar"


"Westside Family is just that! A family Very warm and welcoming and I highly recommend attending."


"We thank you for the encouraging and anointed message this morning. We felt the presence of God even as you shared was in your heart as you ended the service. We bless you in Jesus' mighty name and pray he will continue to encourage and strengthen you during this week and weeks to come. We love you and sister Esther."

"This is a wonderful church and most definitely treats you like you are family. I would most definitely recommend this church to anyone who’s looking for a home search."

"Amazing church with an amazing pastor!"

"Pastor Wilder spoke a word from God to me. I don't remember the exact words; but it was about letting go and letting God and not feeling like I must be in constant order and I need to let God take over more so I will be less anxious. I really love the spirit filled praise; music and preaching at your church."

"Awesome place to Worship your treated like family because you are. Great Pastoral Staff!"

"This is my Church I love being a part of this church family...we all grow together in Christ Jesus... Pastor Jim Wilder is a Wonderful teacher of the word...glad I'm a part of this church home."

"Awesome church. Been there 17 years. Worth the 64 mile round trip drive."

"I wasn't home when you stopped by on Monday. There was a gift bag at my door. I opened it and these delicious cookies were in there and a nice card  from the church. Thank you for your hospitality. Looking forward to eating the cookies.   Sunday I had some delicious Word of God as well.  What a good Word. This is a  New Day. God's got our back.  I really enjoy the worship in the house of the Lord and was greeted by people as well.  Thank you again. I will visit again... "

"...After yesterday’s service I realized I was letting the vultures pick at my sacrifices. I had grown weary in my prayer and though I never quit praying I had lost my energy, my zeal, I need to be refueled in my pray for not only them but all of those on my pray list and work place.  I am sure there were many others that needed the same.  Thank you Pastor, for preaching the word even when struggling, and obeying God in the midst of the struggle.  It was a message I needed desperately to hear!..."

"This is my Church I love being a part of this church family...we all grow together in Christ Jesus... Pastor Jim Wilder is a Wonderful teacher of the word...glad I'm a part of this church home.."

"Great place to worship. and good people, it touches my soul on a regular basis..."

"This is a fantastic church that I highly recommend. The youth ministry is fantastic, and is a great place for all families to find community..."

"This is a great group to help anyone to experience a closeness to GOD and folks that care. I appreciate being a part of people that love JESUS..."

"Westside is a church making a difference. Pastor Jim Wilder and his wife Esther are very special people. Come and be welcomed and loved at Westside!..."

"You can feel the love of God flowing through the congregation..."

"This is a beautiful church.  This was my families second year at this fall festival and it was as beautiful as the first year ..:) God bless them for even having this type of festivity every year and with absolutely everything being free!!!' Thank you so much!! May GOD continue to bless you all and your wonderful church... Amen"

"There is a sweet spirit flowing in this church. God's presence is in this place and filling all who invite him in an worship Him alone..."

"My family just wanted to thank you for hosting the Fall Festival event every year for the community. You provide us with a safe environment for our kids to have fun , eat good and listen to awesome bands! We already have a home church but we definitely plan to visit one Sunday. Your greeters always make us feel welcome and the volunteers at all the booths are so nice. We are very blessed to have your Church in our community!"

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